New Release February 09 2017

I released a new game today called Seven Deadly Seas.

It feels good to finish something, but what follows is always conflict about how much "marketing" to do. Does "marketing" even work anymore in 2017?

I just made a little video and delivered it to my regular paper route: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. Maybe I'll jam it down people's throats with paid advertising. Maybe it'll do well enough on it's own.

I don't like to put pressure on launches. Pretty much everything I've ever released has gotten most of it's traction well after it's original launch. Instead of launching something, I want to let the baby bird fly as well as it can with it's own wings.

As long as there are not people actively throwing rocks at it, the little guy should be fine.

App Store:…/…/seven-deadly-seas/id1202138415…
Google Play:…