Your Own Biggest Fan February 17 2017

There's lots of talk in the success/creativity/hussle genre about being your own biggest fan.

"How corny! How narcissistic! Not me, I'm my biggest CRITIC!"

I like the biggest fan filter better. The word "fan" is just one of those worn out words like "love" or "soul".

When I'm a fan of something or someone, I want them to:

1) Release stuff often and create a giant catalog.

2) Not beat themselves up and get depressed when something goes wrong. Don't storm off the stage!

3) Take chances and make stuff I may not like. How often is your favorite song on the album the single?

4) Evolve but have respect for the animal they used to be. You can play old songs that you don't feel a connection to anymore, it's just a song!

5) Connect with people that like them if they've gone through the trouble of reaching out. Everyone can be a fan.

I am my biggest fan by definition. I know the whole me catalog better than anyone even though some of it I no longer resonate with. I hope there is more me stuff released in the future and that I don't expire too soon.