Ramin Nazer February 21, 2017

I love software. There's so much of it.

There's nothing impressive about being able to operate software. It's designed specifically to be used by us! I'm always surprised to see so many people afraid of clicking on things they've never clicked on.

It's easy to get stuck in a pattern, but I'm always trying to click on all the things and see what they do. I never read the manual. YouTube videos are even worse.

When I was 18, I got a job as a software tester. It was our job to play with automation software all day and try to make it crash. If the goal is to make something idiot proof, then that meant we got to be IDIOTS.

If you want to make progress, you must allow yourself to be a stupid idiot. Just as long as it doesn't take you completely out of the game.

Keep on crashin' y'all!



Your Own Biggest Fan

Ramin Nazer February 17, 2017

There's lots of talk in the success/creativity/hussle genre about being your own biggest fan.

"How corny! How narcissistic! Not me, I'm my biggest CRITIC!"

I like the biggest fan filter better. The word "fan" is just one of those worn out words like "love" or "soul".

When I'm a fan of something or someone, I want them to:

1) Release stuff often and create a giant catalog.

2) Not beat themselves up and get depressed when something goes wrong. Don't storm off the stage!

3) Take chances and make stuff I may not like. How often is your favorite song on the album the single?

4) Evolve but have respect for the animal they used to be. You can play old songs that you don't feel a connection to anymore, it's just a song!

5) Connect with people that like them if they've gone through the trouble of reaching out. Everyone can be a fan.

I am my biggest fan by definition. I know the whole me catalog better than anyone even though some of it I no longer resonate with. I hope there is more me stuff released in the future and that I don't expire too soon.




Ramin Nazer February 16, 2017

Drawing means making lines to produce an image or diagram.

It also means to extract.

It also means a game that ends with an even score.

It also means to select randomly, often times from a hat.

When you produce an image, you're randomly extracting something from the ether in exchange for your physical energy and time.

Tie game.



Ramin Nazer February 14, 2017

In the time it takes to debate whether or not you should have posted the thing, you could have posted the thing.

If it's something you're afraid would have gotten a giant negative reaction from the hivemind, then the censors have already won!

Just post the thing and stop overthinking it.

Yes, even if it's THAT.

New Release

Ramin Nazer February 09, 2017

I released a new game today called Seven Deadly Seas.

It feels good to finish something, but what follows is always conflict about how much "marketing" to do. Does "marketing" even work anymore in 2017?

I just made a little video and delivered it to my regular paper route: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. Maybe I'll jam it down people's throats with paid advertising. Maybe it'll do well enough on it's own.

I don't like to put pressure on launches. Pretty much everything I've ever released has gotten most of it's traction well after it's original launch. Instead of launching something, I want to let the baby bird fly as well as it can with it's own wings.

As long as there are not people actively throwing rocks at it, the little guy should be fine.

App Store:…/…/seven-deadly-seas/id1202138415…
Google Play:…



No, That's Stupid

Ramin Nazer February 06, 2017

I come up with a zillion ideas every day and immediately say to myself "No, that's stupid. Don't do that."

It's like your mind is a farm and most of the food isn't fit for consumption. Or it's at least oddly shaped and not worthy of placement in the fancy grocery store.

How wonderful would it be if every thought had value to someone. And if you could get that thought to that person without putting it in front of people who can't use it.

It makes me think of treadmills. What a waste of energy it is to channel electricity from a power plant into a machine so that people could expend energy working against it. The ultimate gym would be a power generator itself.

The ultimate configuration of reality would be energy always going where it needs to be at every moment. Perhaps it already is.



Ramin Nazer February 02, 2017

I hate the term "showerthoughts".

"Showerthought is a loose term that applies to any thought you might have while carrying out a routine task like showering, driving, or daydreaming."

I like the thoughts themselves, I'd just prefer a less a dismissive way of describing them. We're so afraid of being perceived as strange that we have to give a legal disclaimer before sharing any of our thoughts.

Maybe it's just a nice way of describing "extremely non-important" thoughts. Some are corny, some are great metaphors, some give key insights into our behavior.

I think once observational comedy became so big that once there was a term to describe it, they had to invent another term to describe the effortless attempt at it. Effortless doesn't mean poor quality, it just means you didn't have to exert yourself. Mitch Hedberg's jokes seemed effortless. He was a master of the showerthought.

"I write jokes for a living, I sit at my hotel at night, I think of something that's funny, then I go get a pen and I write it down. Or if the pen is too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain't funny. "

-Mitch Hedberg

Something about sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper just shuts down the whole idea factory. That's because you're putting the pressure on yourself to generate the ideas rather than letting them just come to you.

The universe is an information generating and cataloging machine. It wants all the hits, all the B-sides, and every raw demo. They're all equally important, so be a good servant and help it out!



Ramin Nazer January 27, 2017

I love color. I wish we could see more of it.

I consider there to be 10 colors. I know that ultimately it's just how our brains process different wavelengths, but it's more fun to have these little categories.

There are 7 fun colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink. I know they teach you "Indigo" in school, but I think that's just Baby Purple. I believe that Pink should be considered a main color the same way the letter Y should be a permanent vowel.

Then there's Black, White, and Grey. The grown-ups.

Anything other than these 10 is just a mixture or dulled out version.

Example: Brown is just orange trying to be black.

"You can't change the world. If I could, only thing I'd probably do is just put... I'd like a little bit more color on the streets."

-Jimi Hendrix


Ramin Nazer January 26, 2017

The word "naughty" comes from the word "naught" which means nothing.

Naughty is associated with sex supposedly because historically people who had nothing had to turn to prostitution.

I think there may be a deeper meaning than this though.

I've heard sex addicts say that climax isn't about pleasure, it's about the escape. In that one moment, they are nothing. They experience freedom from being that one node of existence they are identified with all the time. They aren't darkness or zero or empty, they are just nothing.

Nothing connects all things, as it is what all things eventually become.


Ramin Nazer January 26, 2017

I get lots of ideas. They're not all good, I just make it my practice to keep the idea valve open. Some call it the "idea muscle", but I like valve better because muscle implies work. Ideas should just come to you.

Everyone is creative because the universe is creative. The universe is your original main root parent. It makes perfect sense why you'd be just like it.

Creativity isn't rainbows and unicorns. It's rearranging things in new and novel ways. Building upon existing ideas to create new ideas which then create even newer ideas.

There was hydrogen, then more complicated elements, then molecules, then single celled life, then multi-cellular life. Eventually you get something complex like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I don't even think every idea should be written down. Sometimes it's a good exercise to generate ideas without even trying to remember them. Even if they're really really good.

It reminds you that the real value is the ability to generate ideas, not the ideas themselves. Also, it feels like you are making a ritualistic sacrifice as an offering to the universe, your ultimate master.